Cookies usage policy

At the first site connection, you are warned by a bottom-sheet that some browsing information is potentially going to be stored into cookies. Our cookies usage policy allows you to understand better what we’ve put in place in this website. The policy informs you which kind of cookies we are using in our site, the goal of them and how to disable them

Setting up the cookies’ preferences

You can accept or refuse the storage of cookies at any moment.  

In the case that you accept the usage of cookies during the first navigation, you are accepting them for a period of 6 months. In the case that you are visiting this website in a regular manner, you will need to accept our cookies policy every 6 months.

Cookies that don’t require your acceptance

Following the recommendations of CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés), some cookies are not requiring your acceptance. These are typically the session identification cookies, authentication cookies, session load balance or interface personalisation cookies. Such cookies are fully submitted to this cookies policy as they are generated and handled by kubiiks

Here you have a complete list with the data we are potentially saving on your computer:


Session identifier used to identify user



Variable in charge to determine if an initial popup message needs to be presented or not



Variable that stores the last chat conversation in order to be able to restore it. This data is only stored during the session time



On-push notification identifier. This variable is only saved in the case that you are accepting the notifications of the site


Cookies requiring vistitor’s acceptance

The cookies that are requiring your acceptance are provided by third-party companies and are persistent as they are kept on your computer until they are deleted, or they reach their expiration date.

The audience statistics cookies are storing some data on how you use our website, for example: which contents you visited, how long you stayed on a page… This kind of data is stored in order to improve the website. In this website we are using a tool called Google Analytics.

We are also using an inhouse system for audience statistics handling in order to show a reduced statistics version to the website administrators. Such data is only saved in our servers if you accept cookies. Here is a full list of data stored on your computer:



This variable allows us to know if you have accepted the cookies or not



Variable to know if your cookies acceptance is still valid



Statistics session identifier


Tools for cookies configuration

Most of browsers are set up by default to accept cookies. Your browser allows you to modify these default settings in a way that cookies are rejected automatically, eventually also the cookies can be set-up so that depending on the emitter they can be rejected or not.

Your browser allows you also to remove any existing cookies or to notify you each time a cookie is trying to be saved on your computer