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See what kubiiks offers to your business in a short video format. In these videos, we are showing some of the functionalities of our platform. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to show you more and discuss it together


Installing the web application on your mobile

All our websites are web applications that can be installed like a native mobile app (only on Android phones). Here show you the installation steps


Send awesome newsletters

Create awesome email models and send them to your customers or your newsletter subscribers


Send generic push notifications

Our sites generate personalised push notifications for each website event that the user is concerned of. We also offer the possibility to send generic notifications to your visitors or users


Add an initial popup message

With our solution, it’s easy to add an initial popup message that will be displayed the first time a user visits the site once the message is enabled


Check the statistics of audience of your website

Check the audience of your website in one click. Simple and interactive graphs will show you the visitor’s behaviour and the evolution over time


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