What is a push notification

It’s definitely a web tendency at the moment, most of the internet sites we visit are asking us to allow notifications. Web push notifications (or simply push notifications) allow us to receive notifications of a website that we have visited even though we left the site and even closed the navigator! It’s clear that this is an intrusive technique that cannot be widely used as this would distract the user too much and will end-up with the same popularity as the old popup windows. However, if this technology is properly used it provides great advantages


How push notifications work

In order to have access to push notifications, the website needs to have a “Service Worker”. A Service Worker is a small piece of software that is associated to the internet site but detached from it. Service Workers are installed the first time we access to the website and have a different lifecycle as compared to the website as they will still run even after closing the website tab.

When a server sends a push notification the Service Worker handles it and show us the notification with an associated action (for example open the website)


Usage cases for push notifications

On a mobile phone push notifications are almost identical to a native mobile app notification like Facebook,Twitter… Here in kubiiks, we use push notifications widely on the administrator side to notify all administrators of any important event happening on the site. For example, if somebody drops a message in the contact form, the administrators will be notified. The same happens with the chat or any other important actions that requires administrator interaction.

We completely discourage from sending generic notifications to all visitors, but in some cases, we might be interested on sending a notification to all registered users. We also have personal notifications in place for users that are send automatically, for example if you but a product and the product is expedited you will receive a notification and we think that it does make sense

This short video shows how we can send generic push notifications:


Created : 01-Apr-2020

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